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Meeting Overview:

Join WIPA DC for "Give Your Brand a Health Check"!  Our brand health check will place You in front of key individuals who will provide vital aspects such as how aware are people of your brand, how is your brand perceived, what do customers expect from your brand along with other competitors, and whether customers intend on buying from your brand.   Your brand health is guaranteed to have a significant impact on the consumer awareness of your brand AND your bottom line.

Meeting Objectives:

How to measure brand awareness with key metrics

  1. Direct traffic to your website. Direct traffic comes from users who typed a link directly into their browser to get to your website. ...
  2. Earned media. ...getting mentioned in the press!
  3. External links. ...build your SEO
  4. Blog shares. ... Your blog content can serve as a center of organic brand awareness through a share bar.
  5. Social engagement. ...how is it being amplified
  6. Community reach. ...
  7. Search volume....who's looking for you via Google AdWords
  8. Brand Impressions.... Personal branding is important in today's economy because you are the most important selling point of your service/product. People trust people, your Clients and Vendor Partners are looking for someone they can proudly work with, recommend and advocate for.

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