2016 Videos

Las Vegas 2016 November Chateau

Las Vegas WIPA_NACE 2016 KMA Center 

Las Vegas Cameron Clark November 2016

March 2016 WIPA Phoenix Meeting

July 2016 WIPA Speech

May 2016 WIPA "Conversations That Close"

April 2016 WIPA Mandarin - Boutique Guest Experience

August 2016 Ventana Next Generation Hustle

WIPA SoCal Presents: Christina Milikin "How to use technology to work smarter and not harder!"

March 2016 WIPA SoCal Presents: 3rd Annual Design Challenge + Dane Sanders: (re)Building Your Business from the Ground Up

October 2016 WIPA SoCal Presents "How to scale your business, create culture and keep employees loyal."

December 2016 WIPA Highlights

September 2016 WIPA Phoenix Speaker

September 2016 WIPA Phoenix Highlights

August 2016 WIPA Phoenix Highlights

June 2016 WIPA SoCal Highlights

May 2016 WIPA Phoenix Highlights

February 2016 WIPA Phoenix Highlights

February 2016 WIPA Meetup - Forecasting Trends Presentation by Katy Patay

February 2016 WIPA Atlanta Meeting

2016 WIPA SDE 3rd Annual Design Challenge

December 2016 WIPA Phoenix Speaker

December 2016 WIPA Phoenix Highlight Film

2016 "The Business of Being Creative"